What is Slow Fashion?

There's a general consensus on what slow fashion is, and Earth.Org describes it as:

  1. Opting for quality over quantity (both in production and consumption).
  2. More sustainable manufacturing processes.
  3. A living wage and healthy working conditions for those making the clothes.
  4. Selling clothes on a made-to-order basis to avoid waste. Alternatively, only creating collections in small batches.
  5. A supply chain that uses locally sourced and produced garments.
  6. A transparent supply chain and practices.
  7. Using natural fibres, deadstock fabrics, or old textiles for upcycling.

Here at Pajama Pantry we can put a tick against all of the above. You can buy our products with a clean conscience, both the goods that are made at the Fairtrade Women's Collective in Bangalore, and those that are made out of the scraps, here in East Lothian, Scotland.