Small Shorts

All the shorts we have in stock, in SMALL size. 

This should make it easier to see what's available!

We make the shorts out of what's left over from cutting full length pjs. Sometimes we get one pair, sometimes as many as three. It depends on how wide the fabric is, how big the pattern is and occasionally who is cutting them...if it's me, there's sometimes a (ahem) mess up, and then there's more shorts. (cough)

100% natural cotton, printed with vegetable dyes.

Elastic at the back, drawstring at the front for the perfect fit. 

Ideal for yoga, sunbathing, sports, jumping, hopping, skipping, prancing, dancing and even ....sleeping in!

Small Waist 28"

Medium Waist 32"

Large Waist 36"

Extra Large Waist 40"