Your sizing questions answered:

Pj Pants

All our PJs are unisex cut. This is the same for Regular Length and Extra Long

Waist measurements are given on every page, but if you don't know your waist (and who does?) then this should help:

Extra Small                     Approx size  UK 6-8                 Men  Boys

Small                                  Approx size  UK 8-10              Mens  X Small

Medium                            Approx size   UK 12-14            Mens Small

Large                                 Approx size  UK  16-18            Mens Medium

Extra Large                     Approx size UK  20                   Mens Large

All the regular length pjs are hemmed to 34" /86cm

All the Extra Long pj pants are left unhemmed at 38"/96cm and can be hemmed to suit. Bespoke hemmed pjs are non returnable.


Small                                 Approx size Women's 10-12        Men's Small

Medium                            Approx size Women's 14-18         Men's Medium

Large                                 Approx size Women's 18+            Men's Large


Our robes are all one size. 

Sleeves are a traditional 3/4 length (so you don't get them in the marmalade at breakfast)

Neck to hem 45"/113cm