Fabulous, original, funky, reversible bucket hats, perfect for festivals, 

beach parties, garden parties, glamping, pub gardens...you name it, you can wear it wherever you are! 

There are two styles;  Traditional or the more feminine Wide Brim - 

they're spectacular in either version, and incredibly popular. If you see one you like, don't wait, 

it's one of a kind and won't be available for long!

Here at Pajama Pantry we are proud to be supporting the work of Mosaik Education this Refugee Month. Mosaik helps refugee students to reach university through guidance programmes and language classes. Currently only 3% of refugees are able to attend university, compared to a global average enrolment rate of 37%. With each sale of our hats between 1st-30th June, we will make a donation to Mosaik, taking a student one step closer to their dreams.