Handmade patchwork free embroidery bags, made from scraps. They're FABULOUS

Patchwork Hold-Everything Bag

This amazing bag was made by the brilliant Zélia from our scraps and offcuts. She has a SUPER fancy sewing machine which can do an incredible range of stitches, but this free embroidery was done in a more or less continuous line. It took hours, but we're sure you'll agree the effect is fabulous and worth every minute.There is a couple of slip pockets on the inside for the things you always lose, like telephone, spectacles etc and otherwise the bag is big and roomy and perfect as a baby changing bag, beach bag, swimming kit (for the whole family!)  or taking all those overdue books back to the library. (Including the ones under the bed that you've forgotten about).It's the ONLY ONE, so snap it up now, before someone else does. At this price, it's a STEAL!Measurements: 18" x 18" / 45cm x 45cmStraps are 14"/36cm  from shoulder to bagPatchwork on the outside, and our much loved Big Big White Birds fabric on the inside, with contrasting Big Big Blue Birds pockets. Natural cotton, printed with vegetable dyes. Padded with cotton wadding. Branded wooden button to close.

SOLD OUT | £65.00