About Us

I'm Alice

I head up this small family run business outside Edinburgh in Scotland. Most of the models you see are my children and their friends. I used to be able to bribe them with cake, but they've got wise to that, and now I have to offer hard cash! 

I am proud to be able to call Pajama Pantry a Slow Fashion brand 

What's Slow Fashion? Click HERE to read all about it. 

I buy a maximum of 30 meters (ends of rolls/deadstock) of each fabric from a supplier in Jaipur - The fabric is hand printed, either by block or screen printing, onto natural cotton using mostly vegetable dyes.

 Abhinav and I talk over WhatsApp most days,  about everything from cricket scores to icecream, about his new baby, and the videos he sends me of wild leopards just near where he lives. He's my new best friend - but we've never met! 

Here is Abhinav with my oldest son, who went to visit him in Jaipur earlier this year. This picture gives me more joy than you can imagine!

He sends the fabric I buy to a Fair Trade Women's Collective in Bangalore, where the pyjamas, shorts, nightshirts and (some of) the bags are made. 

Most of the women there have been helped off the streets, and they are all given training, support and are paid a proper living wage. The skills they learn at the collective will set them up for life. We're proud to be able to have them as part of the team. 

We hate waste, but we LOVE scraps!

All the remaining scraps are sent with each consignment from Bangalore to make an ever changing range of gifts and accessories. From hats to bags, we use every last bit in the most inventive ways imaginable. Check out our latest innovation - the most inventive use of scraps yet, patchwork mocassin slippers - they're stunning!

The Second sewing team is here in Scotland. 

Moira makes the robesShe is a very skillful professional seamstress, and for a while taught in the fashion department at the Glasgow School of Art. She also speaks fluent french and plays rock guitar. There's no end to her talents!

Zèlia uses all the scraps to make everything else, all the gifts and accessories from oven gloves to her genius weekend/flight bag - the fabulous pattern and colour combinations are all down to her portuguese flair!  The idea for the slippers came from Zelia. She's also a passionate wild swimmer. Zelia in her element, wearing one of our early prototype hats!

We use as little plastic as possible (mostly only the elastic and the buttons) and I’m always on the hunt for a greener alternative.  Even the labels are either natural cotton, or recycled satin. Every order is packaged in recycled and/or recyclable paper, and no plastic stickytape.

Even the machines are eco friendly! Well, THIS one is. Zelia uses the 'Old Lady' because she says the foot pedals keep her active and there's much less chance of a breakdown than with her fancy electric machine. This one is over 100 years old.

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Please consider buying from small local businesses, we all need to help eachother out. If not this one, then someone else’s. 

 If you love what you’ve bought or what you’ve been given, then the best possible thing you could do is post a picture on social media and tag the company it came from. It’s such an easy thing to do, and it’s amazing how much that does to spread the word. Every small company needs a little boost!"

Love Alice x 

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